Which Vitamix Blender is the Best for You?- A Detailed Review of the Best Vitamix Blenders

which vitamix blender is the best

The blender is a handy kitchen tool found in most homes. You can use a blender for several functions such as making smoothies, blending vegetables, powdering tough ingredients, and so much more.

You will find several brands of blenders on the market. Some of these well-known brands, like Vitamix, have proven worthy of their name. Vitamix blenders are among the best on the market and come in different models.

Which Vitamix blender is the best? Continue reading to learn about the five best Vitamix blenders for your kitchen. We've researched each of these products, which are the best choices.

Which Vitamix Blender is the Best for You? Top Picks for 2023

Vitamix has several models of blenders and some are better than others. We will show you five of their products that are worth your money. Let’s dive in:

1. Vitamix VM0197 Explorian Blender

Starting our list is the VM0197, which was released in 2017. This model comes in black, red, and slate colors, complementing your kitchen counter aesthetically. It also has some other features that make it a great choice.

The VM1097 has a ten-speed control. With this feature, you can set the blender to blend food at ten speeds. You can easily blend your food into a smooth paste or lumpy mass. This blender is great for making smoothies, salsas, thick vegetable soups, and more.

It has a pulse button allowing you to blend food at short, instantaneous speeds. It is great for materials that don’t require a long time in the blender.

You can enjoy sufficient space for all your food with the 48-ounce container. This container can hold all sorts, like vegetables, nuts, meat, and anything you want to blend. The blades are even which ensures a smooth blend.

The blades are stainless steel. These blades are effective for any food material, irrespective of hardness. They are also perfectly symmetrical and blend your food evenly.

The blender has a motor base, container, mini-tamper, and recipe book. It also features a cooling fan and protection from overheating.

  • It is easy to clean.
  • It doesn’t overheat.
  • It is easy to use at different speeds.
  • The blades are not removable.

The Vitamix VM0197 Explorian blender is a powerful tool. It can be used for any food material and can be used commercially.

Next is the A3500 Ascent series, one of the most recent models. This model has a sophisticated appearance, which will further beautify your kitchen. It also has some improvements and extra features.

The A3500 has program settings for different functions, making smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. You can easily select the function you want and allow the blender to do the rest.

This blender is designed with touchscreen controls. You can easily select your settings even when your hand is wet or occupied. The controls are very visible and convenient to use in the dark.

Another interesting feature is the multiple speed control and pulse feature. You have access to different blade speeds, and you can easily determine the texture of your blend. The pulse feature also allows you to blend materials in short bursts of speed.

The motor base automatically detects the size of the container and picks the best program settings. You can also set a timer, allowing you to do other things while blending.

  • It comes with a timer.
  • The blades are durable.
  • It comes with a tamper and tamper holder.
  • The plastic components are easily damaged.

The Vitamix A3500 Ascent is a recent model with improvements. It is a great choice for large kitchens.

3. Vitamix 750 Series Blender

The Vitamix 750 is one of the best choices for size and functionality. The last two products we’ve reviewed fall behind in size, at 48 fluid ounces, while the 750 series has a 64-ounce container.

This blender also has five pre-programmed settings that can be used to make several things. You can prepare frozen desserts, soup, smoothies, puree recipes, dips and spreads, dressings, nut butter, baby food, juices, and so on.

You also have access to different speeds and the pulse feature. The cord is 6 feet long so you can use it at a safe distance from the power outlet.

The blender has a larger container suitable for large households. You can conveniently prepare meals in one go with the 64-ounce container.

The blades are also a big plus. They’re crafted from aircraft-grade stainless steel, giving them a reasonable degree of toughness. You can easily blend nuts and other hard materials without stress or damage to the blades.

Lastly, this product has a self-clean feature that makes cleaning easy with just a drop of dish soap.

  • It can blend a lot at once.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It overheats sometimes.

The Vitamix 750 series provides you with a larger container, and it’s suitable for professional and household use.

4. Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

This product is an earlier version of the A series, but it remains one of the best choices of all the Vitamix blenders. The A3300 also has a larger container suitable for household and professional use.

The A3300 comes with the standard multiple-speed control which allows you to blend your food into different textures. It also has a friendly interface so you can easily figure out the settings.

This blender boasts a smart feature that can determine the container type on the motor base. It also automatically adjusts the program setting depending on the size of the container.

The product is designed for your convenience. It has a built-in timer setting that allows you to set your blending time and automatically turns off when it runs out. With this feature, you can perform other tasks while your blender operates.

The blender has a touch interface for easy navigation and comes with a tamper and cookbook.

  • It is easy to operate.
  • It has a large container.
  • It has a timer setting.
  • The base makes a lot of noise.
  • List Element
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You can enjoy a quality blend with the A3300 Ascent series. It also comes with a timer that encourages multi-tasking.

5. Vitamix 7500 Blender

The Vitamix 7500 is one of the older classic models but will make a great addition to your kitchen. It has a nice design that offers beauty, convenience, and functionality.

This product gives you ten-speed options. You can blend your food materials to a detailed texture, and it is suitable for making smoothies, spreads, dips, juice, soups, purees, and so much more. It also has a pulse feature for quick blends.

The container falls on the larger side with a 64-ounce capacity. You can blend many materials at once instead of going in batches. This blender is also a great choice for large homes and professional kitchens.

The blades are crafted from high-grade stainless steel. You can use these sharp blades to achieve a smooth blend for all food materials. It is also durable and will last you a long time.

This blender has an ergonomic design and will fit nicely in the corner of your kitchen or under the kitchen cabinet. It comes with a cooling fan and thermal protection to prevent damage from overheating.

  • It can hold a lot of materials at once.
  • It has a cooling system.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • It is not suitable for frozen ingredients.

The Vitamix 7500 series is old but still gold. It takes little space in the kitchen and operates as a professional-grade blender.

Picking the Best Vitamix Blender

blender on kitchen worktop

You must have some knowledge before purchasing any blender, irrespective of the brand. We will show you some tips to look out for when picking a Vitamix blender.


The size, in this case, refers to the container size. Vitamix has various blenders with varying sizes, from 34 ounces to 48 ounces to 64 ounces. The size you get will be determined by what you intend to blend.

The smallest size is suitable for blending small quantities and small food materials. The medium size, 48 ounces, is suitable for a more general purpose and can serve a regular-sized household. However, you should get the larger size, 68 ounces, if you want to blend a lot of material in one go.

We recommend the 68-ounce container if you have a large home or operate a commercial kitchen. However, remember that blending small materials in larger containers will be difficult.

If you often blend varying food materials, you can purchase more than one container size. Just ensure the container is compatible with the motor base.

Speed Control

Some models have up to ten-speed controls, and others have fewer. The speed controls make it easier to determine the texture of your blend. A higher number of speed controls gives you more options when blending.

Using a blender with variable speeds is best if you want to make different meals with varying textures.

Ensure your blender has a pulse control feature. This feature allows you to blend food material in short bursts of speed, and it is great for making lumpy meals like nut butter.

Power Rating

The power rating will greatly determine the effectiveness of the blender.

Blenders with powerful motors can perform strenuous tasks like blending nuts and tough materials. They can also generate enough heat to prepare soup directly from the blender.

If you need the blender for light operations such as making juice and smoothies, you can get a model with a lower power rating to save electricity costs.


The blenders come with different accessories included in the package - ensure the accessories are what you need. Some come with tampers, cookbooks, dry-grain containers, and more. Double-check to ensure the components are what you need.

Make sure these accessories are compatible with the blender. Some models have specifications and won’t work with other components. Confirm that these parts will work with the blender to avoid wasting money.


Your budget will be crucial in the Vitamix blender you can get. Vitamix blenders get more expensive with increasing complexity - the more operations available, the higher the cost.

A cheaper blender will suffice if you intend to use the blender for simple operations like making dips, smoothies, and juice. Getting a sophisticated model for simple operations will be a waste of money. However, you can purchase the expensive blenders if you don’t mind the cost.

If you plan to use the blender for business or in a commercial setting, getting one with more functions is best. It is a worthy investment despite the higher cost. You can always save and buy it later if your budget won’t allow an immediate purchase.

Cleaning Your Vitamix Blender

Most of the models we’ve reviewed come with a self-clean option - you only need a drop of dish soap. Set the blender to self-wash for a few minutes. Rinse out the blender and turn it over to drain. Ensure water doesn’t touch the electrical part or the motor base.

Add a bit of washing mix for blenders without the self-wash setting and put the blender on low. Allow it to operate for a few minutes before switching it off. Rinse the container and allow it to drain.


Vitamix is one of the best manufacturers of blenders, and we’ve reviewed a number of their products. These products have been tested and proven to be good choices for your home.

Which Vitamix blender is the best? You can’t go wrong with any of the five products we’ve discussed. You can consider other blender options - some are cheaper and more suitable for specific uses

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