The Best Blender for Spices: Top 5

best blender for spices

If you enjoy cooking, then you can appreciate a top-notch blender that does not give you any hassle. The best blenders are one of the most useful appliances you can find in the kitchen, especially when it comes to grinding dry spices.

Grinding your spices makes storage easier and enhances your food's taste, giving it a bolder taste. 

However, there are so many blenders on the market, and you can never be too careful when selecting one. After all, you will probably use it every day. Therefore, you need to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

To that end, we have created a list for you to find the best blender for spices that suits your needs. This article contains 5 of the best blenders money can buy and a guide to help you select one.

1. Magic Bullet Blender

This small but powerful blender is what you need to grind all your spices. It is an 11-piece set, and it includes a 250W motor base, one cross blade, one tall cup, one short cup, one party mug, two lip rings, two resealable lids, one to-go lid, and a recipe book. 

The blender is made with high-impact plastic, so the chances of it breaking are slim. It is easy to handle and easier to clean.

While this product is an excellent choice and works great on tough spices, it is not the most powerful blender. 

The product has a hard time handling frozen fruits, and it performs worse with ice. If you want to use this blender to make a smoothie, you need to be patient because it will take a while.

With the price tag on this blender, you are definitely getting your money's worth, and the product is quite durable, so you know it will last a long time. However, some customers complain that their product did not last. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • 11 piece set
  • Not as powerful
  • Might not last

If you simply need a blender for spices and nothing more, you should go for this blender. It works great with large amounts of spices, but you might have difficulty making a smoothie with it. 

2. NutriBullet Personal Blender

A NutriBullet blender is an incredible option not just to make your smoothies but to grind your tough spices as well. 

It comes with a 600w motor, so you know it can blend most things. You can add foods such as coriander seeds, berries, nuts, pineapples, and more. 

The product also comes with a powerful steel extractor blade, one 24 oz. cup, one lip ring, 1 to-go lid, and a recipe book. It does not have as many items as the Magic Bullet Blender, but it should suffice.

We love how strong the cups are. They are made of BPA-free plastic and are quite durable. However, some customers complained about their cups getting damaged easily.

Also, cleanup is a breeze. Simply rinse the cups with water and soap, then place them in the dishwasher. 

When you purchase this blender, you get a one-year warranty, so you have enough time to make a complaint should you have one.

  • Powerful motor
  • Strong cups
  • One-year warranty
  • Few set-pieces
  • Some cups break easily

You will enjoy this blender if you want a product you can use to make smoothies and also grind spices.

3. Ninja QB3001SS Fit Compact Personal Blender

Ninja is one of the best brands in the blending industry. Their products are powerful, durable, and affordable, and the QB3001SS is a prime example of that.

This blender comes with a 700w push-to-blend motor base. This means all you have to do is push down on the cup, and the blender will do the rest. 

It also has a blade assembly, two 16 oz. single-serve cups, two spout lids, and one recipe book with 50 recipes. So, you can use one cup for your smoothies and the other for your spices. However, be careful not to mix them up.

If you choose to drink from the cup, you won't have any spills because the lids seal tightly, and you can easily wash the cup afterward in a dishwasher.

The cups are a bit tall, which might make storage a little tricky, but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Also, the rubber gasket on the blender does not come separately, so if you damage it, you need to buy another blender assembly.

All in all, this is a great purchase, and you won't regret using it.

  • Durable cups
  • Blends well
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Tall cups
  • Rubber gasket sold separately

This is perfect for you if you need one cup for beverages and the other for spices. The blender is strong enough to handle both wet and dry ingredients.

4. BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender

The BELLA blender is an amazing 12-piece blending set. What makes this blender stand out most is its price. It is the most affordable product on our list, but don’t mistake affordability for lack of performance.

This blender comes with a 700w motor base and stainless steel blades that can chop or liquefy whatever you want. It is also perfect for dry foods and spices.

It comes with 3 cups you can attach to the sharp blades and blend. You can even drink from the cups after blending, which allows for minimal cleanup.

While the Bella Rocket is a great buy, it does have some problems. For one, the grinding blades tend to freeze up and wear out after a short period. Luckily, there are two powerful blades, so you can just swap them out. 

That said, if you choose to replace the dull blades, that would be a problem because they are nearly impossible to find. Furthermore, when you do find them, you have to pay for shipping. Also, customer service could be better.

  • Affordable
  • Comes with three cups
  • Easy cleanup
  • Poor customer service
  • Hard to find replacements

The BELLA blender is the most affordable option on this list, and for the number of items and features you get, it is worth considering.

5. Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

This is another Ninja product that made the list. It is powered by an 1100-peak watt motor, and it can crush even the toughest of ingredients. Therefore, you can easily grind your spices. However, this blender can be a bit noisy.

The BN401 Nutri Pro comes with two Auto-IQ preset programs. The programs are designed to aid you in making your smoothies. All you have to do is press a button, and the blender will do the rest. 

The product comes with two 24 oz. cups you can blend in, then drink from. All you have to do is attach the spout lid, and you are good to go. 

However, the mouth hole on the lid is quite small, making it hard to drink from it. Although, you could try using a straw.

Alongside the blender and cups, you also get a recipe book filled with 20 recipes you can use to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The compact size of this product allows you to fit it anywhere on your countertop, and its controls are basic.

One thing we don't like about the blender is that the blades and lids screw inside the cup, not outside. This means your smoothie or spice can get into the grooves. It's not terrible, but if your smoothie gets in the groove, it acts as glue and stops the cap from twisting off.

  • Auto-IQ programs
  • Comes with two 24oz cups
  • Compact
  • Mouth hole is small
  • Blades and lids screw inside cup

This is a wonderful product for anyone who needs a strong blender to crush tough items like ice and grind any spice within seconds. It may be a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Blender for Spices

As you know, blenders come in various shapes and sizes. This variance is not only in shape and size but there are also prices and features. These are just some things to consider before purchasing a blender. 

This is why we have created this section of the article. This guide will help you navigate through all you need to know before picking a blender to use. Remember that you can use this guide for other blenders you don't see on our list.


Before you decide on the size of the blender you need, you have to consider what you want to use it for.

If you want to make smoothies or other beverages, you should opt for a blender with a bigger blending capacity. However, since you are in the market for blenders that can grind spices, you need to buy one with multiple small cups.

This is because no matter how much spice you need to grind, you most likely won't be able to fill up a standard blender jar. 

Using the right container for grinding can help you get a super-fine texture instead of getting lumps mixed in.


Grinding spices require variable speeds and features on your blender, so you must select a blender versatile enough to have multiple speed options and other features.

Most blenders come with at least one speed and one pulse option, but you might need more than that if you want to grind all your spices perfectly into powder.

Motor Power

The blender you select must be powerful enough to grind all your spices because you do not want an uneven grind. The power of a blender comes from its motor, so you need a blender with a potent motor rating. 

This powerful motor will give the blades all the momentum it needs to grind your spices. However, be careful not to use the blender for too long as it can lead to overheating. Also, the powerful motor might be too noisy, so keep that in mind.


Various brands have different warranty periods. Therefore, you need to consider what the brand you want to purchase offers. As a rule of thumb, the warranty period should be long when you opt for a more premium blender. 

For example, if you are spending $400 or above, you should look for a three-year warranty or more. You can accept shorter warranties for more affordable products.

However, remember that this warranty will not cover normal wear and tear, only defects and issues caused by the manufacturer.

Blender Type

You can opt for a countertop blender, or you can get an immersion blender. If you have the storage space for it, you should probably buy a countertop blender, but an immersion blender is still a great option if that is what you prefer.


Besides spices, there are other food items you might need to put in your blender. If you fall into this category, then you need a multipurpose blender.

However, if you want to purchase a multipurpose blender, we suggest you get one with several containers.

This is because spices are very potent, and if you use one container to grind your spices and then smoothie, you will most likely taste the spice in your beverage.

Furthermore, a small container attachment is not always suitable for grinding spices. Some blenders cannot handle grinding dry ingredients. If you try to do so, you might end up overheating and damaging your blender.

Also, using dry ingredients with a blender that is not suitable can cause an unpleasant smell.


Blenders come with various price tags, and as such, you need to consider your budget and work with that.

You can find blenders worth $30 and you can also find blenders worth $300. Therefore, you will definitely find a product that fits your budget.


Cooking with spices makes your food flavorful and full of life, which is why many use them in their meals. However, there are cases where you might need to grind these spices before use, and this is where a blender comes in.

A blender for spices is an essential appliance to have in your home, and if you choose a multipurpose one, the possibilities are endless. 

This article is designed to show you some of the best blenders money can buy and a guide to help you pick one. Hopefully, you pick one that meets all your needs and helps to make life in the kitchen a breeze.

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