How to Clean a Ninja Blender

how to clean ninja blender

Ninja blenders are reliable in your kitchen and should be well maintained. Cleaning your Ninja blender helps keep it in good condition longer and ensures that your household consumes healthy and safe meals. Generally, blenders are used for a variety of activities in the kitchen, like making smoothies, drinks, baby food, frozen drinks, ice creams, purees, and soups, among others. Preserving its functionality is why Ninja blenders should be washed before and after every use.

How to Clean a Ninja Blender: 3 Methods and 8 Easy Steps

Cleaning Ninja blenders can be a tedious, time-consuming process, and most people are less willing to commit to the process. However, there are simple ways and easy steps to keep your kitchen appliance sparkling clean and safe for use. We will get right into the methods and steps every Ninja blender user should know.

The Dishwasher Method

The first and most straightforward method of cleaning your Ninja blender is setting it in a dishwasher. If you are working on a tight schedule and you have a dishwasher at your disposal, you can skip the annoying work of hand washing your appliance. It is time-saving and eco-friendly because you will not need running water to wash your Ninja blender.

You will not have to worry about damaging anything because the jar, lid, and blades are dishwasher safe.

The Self-Cleaning Method

Blender Inside

You can still achieve a clean Ninja blender quickly in a short time, even if you don't have a dishwasher, because Ninja blenders can wash themselves. However, you have to clean the blender immediately after use. You can still soak the blender in warm water before cleaning if the food residue dries out.

To use the self-cleaning method, pour warm water into your Ninja blender jar halfway, add drops of dish soap and close the lid. Turn on the blender at medium speed for about a minute. The ninja blender will self-clean by blending the warm water and soap and, in the process, remove food residues stuck on the jar and blades. Once done, rinse your blender with clean water and air dry it.

The Hand Wash Method

If you like being thorough, the hand wash method is perfect for keeping your Ninja blender clean and smoothly running. Washing the Ninja blender by hand is more efficient for cleaning appliances with dried-out food residue using hot water and soap.

First, disconnect the power cord to ensure your blender is unplugged from the power socket. Dissemble the appliance by removing the lid, the blender jar, and the blade assembly and rinsing all these parts with hot water to remove food particles. You will need liquid dish soap, a sponge, and a brush to clean your Ninja blender. Soak the sponge, brush in the liquid soap, and gently scrub the lid, jar and blades, then rinse everything and let them air dry.

You can use fresh lemon, baking soda, and vinegar for deeper cleansing. Soak the parts in a mixture of vinegar and water or blend a mixture of water, detergent, and fresh lemons for a few seconds, then rinse your appliance and air dry it. For baking soda, make a paste using water, then use it to coat your blender container and let it sit for an hour; then, wash the blender by hand.

Steps for Hand Washing a Ninja Blender

empty blender

A Ninja blender consists of a cup, blades, gasket, seal, motor base, lid, power base, and other parts. Before hand washing the blender, you have to separate the parts carefully. Follow the instructions for disassembling the Ninja blender in the manual. Once done, follow these simple steps and tips for washing each part of your favorite Ninja blender.

1. Clean Blender Jar

You will need lukewarm water, dish soap, and a sponge to clean your Ninja blending jar. Use the mixture to clean the blender jar thoroughly. Pay attention to the base and edges to reach all the hidden food residue and liquids. Rinse with plenty of warm water afterward.

For deeper cleaning, soak your blender jar in warm water mixed with vinegar and baking soda for over 30 minutes to eliminate the blender smell. The jar can soak while you clean the other parts of your favorite Ninja blender. The process will sterilize your blender jar and remove any unpleasant odor.

After soaking, wash the jar with dish soap and water, then rinse it with plenty of running water. Air dry the jar like any other blender parts.

2. Clean the Blades

Cleaning Ninja blender blades is the hardest because the blades are sharp, and you have to be more careful. Be sure to wear protective hand gloves and be extra careful to avoid physical accidents.

Take a cleaning brush and soak it in white vinegar or soapy water, then use it to scrub the Ninja blender blades till they are spotless. Repeat the process for every single blade, rinse the blades thoroughly in clean water, then set them aside to air dry. If the blades are stained or extremely dirty, soak them in warm soapy water or a baking soda paste for an hour before cleaning them as guided above.

Take your time cleaning the Ninja blender blade unit to avoid cutting yourself with its sharp edges. If the blades become dull, refrain from sharpening them and always follow the manual's instructions while assembling or disassembling the blades.

3. Clean the Power Base

The Ninja blender power base is the electronic component of the Ninja blender. It is easy to clean, just like any other part, even though it looks bulky. You can either clean it with water and soap or wipe it with a clean kitchen towel. However, the power base is not safe to wash with water, and wiping it is the best option to avoid damaging components like the control panel.

Soak a clean kitchen towel in warm water until it is damp. Use the towel to wipe the surfaces of your blender base with stuck food or liquids. Repeat the process thoroughly till you achieve your desired cleanliness degree.

Again, take your time wiping the base to avoid missing any stuck food or liquid because it can stick more and cause future issues with your blender power base. Use a damp Q-tip to wipe the corners of activators to remove food residues that may cause them to jam.

4. Clean the Handle

Cleaning the Ninja blender handle is easy. Get warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap, then wash the blender handle thoroughly in the mixture. Once satisfied, rinse the blender handle in running water and air dry it alongside the other parts. You can also dry the handle with a clean kitchen towel.

5. Clean the Lid

The Ninja blender lid is the other easiest and safe part of washing. Prepare warm water and soap mixture, then soak the lid for a few minutes. Take a brush and rub the lid from top to bottom, inside and outside, to your satisfaction. Finally, rinse it with plenty of running water and let it air dry or wipe it to dry with a clean kitchen towel.

6. Clean the Cups

There are a few techniques for cleaning Ninja blender cups that every user should know. In the first technique, fill the Ninja blender cups with warm water halfway, then add a few drops of liquid dish soap and blend the mixture till the cups are sparkling clean. Rinse the cups with running water afterward.

In the second technique, fill the cups with water halfway, then add a few drops of liquid dish soap and a few slices of chopped lemons or a few drops of vinegar. Hit the clean button to blend the mixture for a minute. If the stains persist, use a brush and soapy water to scrub them off.

The last technique involves mixing vinegar, liquid dish soap, and baking soda. Put the mixture in the cups and blend for a few minutes, then leave it to sit for a few hours. Afterward, clean the cups with dish soap and water, then rinse with running water before air drying. The dish soap eliminates the smell of vinegar and baking soda.

7. Clean the Gasket

The gasket is water- and liquid-friendly so you don't have to pay much attention to washing it. You can wash it with dish soap and water, rinse it well and air dry it.

It is crucial to maintain the flexibility of the Ninja blender rubber gasket. To achieve flexibility, pour some vegetable oil or olive oil over your Ninja blender's gasket.

8. Clean the Seal

Cleaning your Ninja blender rubber seal is also easy. You can wash it in water using a sponge and dish soap after soaking it in soapy water for a few minutes. Be sure to rinse it well, then set it aside to air dry.

Safety Tips for Handling Your Ninja Blender

Unplug your blender from the power socket before disassembling it to avoid any associated risks. Follow all the instructions in the Ninja blender user manual carefully while dissembling your appliance.

The Ninja blender motor base can be damaged by water. Avoid any contact with water and dishwashing it to preserve its durability.

Be careful when disassembling and assembling the Ninja blender blades since they can injure your hands. Always wear gloves to protect your hands while washing the blades.


Cleaning the Ninja blender may be annoying and time-consuming, but it is necessary for healthy living. By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of how to wash your appliance.

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