Finding the Best Cool Touch Toaster

Finding the Best Cool Touch Toaster

Breakfast isn’t complete without a slice of bread. Toasters have become a new way of enjoying bread in the morning and throughout the day. Though people love different levels of toasted breads, it is a good option to find one that has the best features for your kitchen. Finding the best cool touch toaster can be daunting especially if you are not sure which one is right for you. But not to worry, I will walk you through and help you choose.

1. Maxi-Matic Long Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster Extra Wide

Looking for a toaster? The Slot Cool Touch Toaster with Extra Wide 1.25" Slots for Bagels and Specialty Breads, Cancel, Reheat, Defrost, 6 Settings, Space-Saving Design, 4 Slice, will not let you down. It has a large capacity being 1.25" wide and 10" long. This means that your toast won’t get stuck along to the racks.

It comes with a six shade variable setting which includes defrosting, reheating, and cancel functions. This makes it easy to customize your toast to any shade you like easily.


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: Elite Cuisine
  • Model:  ECT-4829
  • Size: 15.5 x 6.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Materials: stainless steel interior and plastic exterior
  • Colour: Black
  • Power: 130W
  • Dial settings: 6
  • Number of slices: 4
  • Cleaning: Removable crumb tray that easily slides out and wipeable exterior
  • Function: Toasting, reheating, defrosting, cancellation
  • Included: User manual
  •  The toaster has extra-wide slots to accommodate any slice size. 
  •  Comes with 4 slots to fit 4 slices.
  •  It has longer slots for longer breads that ensure even toasting.
  • The machine comes with defrost, reheating and cancelling settings
  •  The toaster has a cool touch for safety.
  •  Even with the assurance of even toasting, the toaster browns unevenly.
  • The toaster’s exterior can be hard to maintain.
  • The pop up is very high and your ingredients may land on the floor.

Making breakfast could not be easier with this portable Dash DEZT001RD 2 slice toaster which is designed for everyday use. It has a wide slot making it easy for toasting speciality breads.

It includes five shade settings (i.e. defrost, reheat, light, medium and dark) which improves your toasting experience as it can match your preferences. 

It also features a cool-touch feature which makes it easy even for children to use without the fear of getting burnt.

The cancel feature allows you to stop the toaster instantly which will help you avoid burning your breakfast and ruining your morning.


  • Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • Manufacturer: StoreBound
  • Model: DEZT001RD
  • Size: 9.5 x 5.9 x 7.3 inches
  • Materials: stainless steel interior and plastic exterior
  • Colour:   Red, Aqua
  • Power: 750W
  • Dial Settings: 5
  • Number of slices 2
  • Cleaning: Removable crumb tray that easily slides out and wipeable exterior
  • Function: Toasting, reheating, defrosting, cancellation
  • Included: User manual, recipe book, access to recipe database
  • This machine has non-side feet that makes it safe to use even with kids around the house
  • Small and light in weight that makes it portable.
  • Extra-wide slots that fit waffles, bagels and other baked goods.
  • The  interior of this machine  is stainless steel.
  • Is convenient for your breakfast due to its wide slots that fit bagels and other specialty breads.
  •  Not suitable for longer slices so you have to cut longer into halves.
  • The toaster does not have replacements.

This stylish toaster prides itself in toasting bread in less than 90 seconds. It features a slide through functionality whereby toasted breaded slides through the toaster and into a ready to serve tray. This feature also ensures that bread is toasted evenly from top to bottom.

Additionally, it has a gluten-free option which accommodates those who are gluten-free.

Combined with the seven browning settings, the West Bend 77224 Quick Slide through toaster delivers the ultimate toasting performance compared to other toasters in its category.


  • Size: 4.5 x 14.25 x 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 3.78 pounds
  • Manufacturer: West Blend
  • Dial Settings: 7
  • Number of slices: 2
  • Cleaning: A crumb tray that’s removable and easily slides out and a wipeable exterior
  • Colour: Black
  • Power: 120Volts
  • Function: Toasting, gluten-free and bagel option
  • Included: User manual
  • The machine has wide slots to fit breads of all sizes.
  • It saves on time. In 90 seconds you are done and ready to have your breakfast.
  • It is easy to move around since it is portable and lightweight.
  • The removable crumb tray that easily slides out and wipeable the exterior makes it easy to clean and handle.
  • The toaster gets a bit hot after use.
  • The toaster is not very easy to use for all ages.

This toaster can be used to toast breads and pastries. It is good for people who are time-sensitive or students who don't need a hefty breakfast. It comes with an auto-centering guide to ensure that your toast is perfectly placed.

It has six browning settings which ensure you get the right level of browning.

The cool touch is a security feature that makes sure you do not burn your hands when working. This toaster is also recommended for homeowners with small children as the cool touch will help assure their safety.


  • Product: Brentwood TS-260B Cool
  • Company: Brentwood Appliances
  • Weight: 2.05pounds
  • Size: 19.5*14.5*11 inches
  • Model: TS-260B
  • Dial settings: 6
  • Number of slices” 2
  • Colour: Black
  • Cleaning: Removable crumb tray that easily slides out and wipeable exterior
  • Power: 760W
  • Material: Rubber, polycarbonate
  • Function: Toasting, bagel, browning
  • Included: User manual 
  • You don’t have to dig into the toaster since toast pops high for easy retrieval.
  • The toaster has settings for frozen bagels and pastries.
  • Has a removable crumb tray to ensure easy cleaning.
  • It browns evenly, ensuring consistent toasting.
  • Allows toasting of oversized breads so there’s no need to cut the breads in half.
  • The toaster toasts slowly and not ideal for time sensitive people.
  • Top of the toaster gets very hot thus you can burn yourself if you are not careful.

The Sencor STS2704RD 2-slot High Lift Toaster with Safe Cool Touch Technology, is a stylish yet practical toaster that ejects bread automatically after toasting. This is one of the best cool touch toasters on the market. It comes with four functions that come in handy when toasting your bread. The cancel button is helpful as you can cancel toasting whenever you want. Also, the defrost, reheating, and a bagel function are perfect for any bagel lovers.

The heat insulation casing ensures it is safe to use for both adults and children. The integrated drawer traps bread crumbs and makes it easy to remove and clean.


  • Weight: 3.34 pounds
  • Size: 12.87 x 8.03 x 8.15 inches
  • Manufacturer: Sencor
  • Model: STS2704RD
  • Colour: Green, red, turquoise and white
  • Number of slices: 2
  • Function: Toasting, bagel function, defrosting, reheating, cancellation
  • Cleaning: Removable crumb tray that easily slides out and wipeable exterior
  • Material: Pastic, metal, stainless steel
  • Power: 120W  
  • Included: User manual
  • The machine has a bagel option as an additional function.
  • It has 4 other functions aside from toasting which are defrosting, reheating, cancelling and the bagel option as mentioned above
  • Features automatic ejection of bread after it is done.
  • The toaster has an automatic centering to ensure excellent fitting into the slots.
  • The outer cover has a heat insulator which ensures you don’t burn if you touch it while it is still running.
  • The toaster is fairly easy to clean.
  • It has a high lift capacity ensuring you reach your bread quickly even the pieces that are small.
  • It does not have a dial setting for different bread browning.
  • It's not suitable for thick bread. The option you have here is to cut the bread in halves.
  • Slots are not too deep thus uneven browning.

This 800watt toaster includes a seven dial setting giving you different browning options.  Additionally, its auto-centering function keeps the bread in place for proper toasting.

It includes defrosting, reheating, cancel and bagel options.

To top it off, it comes with an auto-centering adjustment ensuring that the toast is in place. The removable crumb tray makes it easy to trap crumbs that may otherwise dirtify your surfaces as well as makes it easy to clean.


  • Manufacturer:  Brentwood
  • Model: TS-270BL
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Size: 10.5 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Number of slices: 2
  • Colour: Bue, black
  • Power: 800W            
  • Dial settings: 7
  • Function: Toasting, defrosting, reheating, cancellation
  • Cleaning: Crumb tray that’s removable and easily slides out and wipable exterior
  • Material: Plastic exterior, stainless steel interior
  • Included: User manual
  • Has auto centering guides that ensure proper placing of slices and other baking goods.
  • The toaster is a powerful machine having 800watts.
  • It comes with a seven setting dial for different shades. Light to dark.
  • The toaster is easy to use.
  • There’s no need to cut bread in halves for it has extra-wide slots for thicker breads.
  • Despite the presence of the wide slots, it has uneven toasting hence you have to turn your bread.
  • It is not easily movable around the kitchen because of its weight.

Buyers Guide

All the toasters described above are uniquely efficient to you as a consumer. As per the specification, you can choose a variety of settings to match your needs. 

Here is a buyer's guide to help you pick the toaster that best fits your needs. 


If you want a toaster that is affordable, the maxi-matric long cool touch 4-slice toaster extra-wide 1.25" is perfect. It is good for putting large slices through without having to cut the bread in half. The Brentwood TS-260B Cool Touch 2-Slice Toaster is also a good choice in the consideration of price.


If you are limited to space, the dash DEZT001RD 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Easy Toaster with Cool Touch + Defrost Feature is the best for you. It is only 2lb so you can easily move it aside when done. It is also appealing and can go well with your kitchen décor.


If you are a student or a person is limited by time, the West Bend 77224 Quick Serve Slide Through Wide Slot Toaster with Cool Touch Exterior and Removable Crumb Tray is the one for you. It is fast, possibly the fastest toaster available. Once you start it, you are done within 90 seconds or less.

Ease of Use:

The West Bend 77224 Quick Serve Slide Through Wide Slot Toaster with Cool Touch Exterior and Removable Crumb Tray is also easy to use since it comes with a serving tray at the bottom where the finished bread ends up. The tray also comes out without much effort, in case you need to clean it.

Another good choice is the Sencor STS2704RD 2-Slot High Lift Toaster. It automatically ejects bread after toasting,  and therefore is great for mothers with kids running up and down, people who love multitasking and the elderly who could easily forget their bread is toasting. The toaster also allows for perfect and automatic centering which allows even toasting for both thick and thin bread.


If you are looking to get a powerful toaster, the Brentwood TS-270BL Appliances Cool-Touch 2-slice Retro Toaster is for you. The toaster operates at 800watts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What should I look for when buying a toaster?

When buying a cool touch toaster you should look for:

  1. Price- a toaster that properly fits your budget is one to look out for. Even so, ensure that is in line with your preferred quality.                                                         
  2. Lot size and capacity - a toaster with a wider slot will allow you to perfectly toast thick bread, waffles or bagels. Additionally, one that can toast more than two slices is good for a bigger family.
  3. Safety features- buy a toaster that can shut down by itself in case of jamming. This would be helpful to avoid a fire.
  4. Usability – it would be good to consider a toaster that is easy to use and clean. The crumb tray should be easily removable so you can clean. 
  5. Material- it is best practice to have the machine material in mind while shopping. One made of stainless steel that can stand high heat and has no chemicals is highly recommended. 
What safety tips should I have in mind when using a slot toaster?

While cleaning, just do a bit of wiping. Being an electric gadget, it would be dangerous to put water inside it.

  • When done using your toaster, ensure you unplug it. 
  • To prevent the occurrence of fire clean the crumb tray.
  • Use the tool for its intended purpose. Do not insert anything except bread, waffles or bagels.
  • If unsatisfied with the product, reach out to our customer care service for help. Also, ensure you have a receipt in hand.
How can the toaster interior be cleaned?
  1. First, unplug it from the socket.
  2. Remove the crumb tray and clean it thoroughly with clean water and soap.
  3. Turn the toaster upside down to remove any remaining crumbs.
  4. You can clean the slots using a soft toothbrush and some vinegar.
  5. Clean the exterior by wiping with a damp cloth.
How do I clean off grease out of my toaster?

Vinegar or baking soda will do a good job for you but don't interfere with the electric parts.

Can I use a knife to remove stuck toast? 

No, this is because you will be at risk of electric shock if the toaster is still on and connected to the socket.

Best Choice

For the editor's choice, I would go for the West Bend 77224 Quick Serve Slide Through Wide Slot Toaster with Cool Touch Exterior and Removable Crumb Tray for its speed. It would also be a favourite pick because of the toast slide tray which doesn't need one pushing a lever or having the bread jumping on the counter once it is done.

Final Words

With this buyer's guide about the best cool touch toaster in mind, I hope that your needs are well and perfectly summarized and you’re ready to buy. You can now select one of the best cool touch toasters that fits your daily needs. If not fully satisfied, I encourage you to go through our other reviews, to see more about our products and finally make an informed decision.

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